Local recreation area in the vicinity, walking

  • You can take a tour around the Kirchberg, duration approx. 1 hour. Go left and you will be in the forest in 1 minute. For the circumnavigation of the Kirchberg, keep to the right, slightly uphill, then downhill, so you come back via the Oberkirch.
  • I'm happy to lend you walking sticks.
  • Maybe you want to go jogging or just take a walk. The path around the Kirchberg described above is suitable for this, as it has few inclines.
  • Smaller hikes on the opposite mountain range are worthwhile. Gilgenberg Castle or above the double rock "Portifluhe" offer a wonderful view.
  • On the Meltinger Bergmatte, which is more to the right, there is a small mountain restaurant and a beautiful panoramic path where you can admire the sunset in the evening. If you walk down the mountain on the southern side you come to the monastery in Beinwil, from there you can take the Postbus 115 to Breitenbach and take the bus 111 back to Zullwil (25min journey).
  • From the Nunninger-Bergmatte, which is to the left, you can climb the “Hirnikopf” on the right, from where you have a wonderful view of the Alpine panorama. Left is the waterfall in the St. Friedlins Gorge. If you keep going uphill, you come across a ridge hiking trail to Ammansegg, from where you also have a wonderful view of the Alps. You walk back via the Stierenberg mountain restaurant. If you want to get back to the car on the Nunninger Bergmatte, you walk on the country road and keep left after about 1 km across the cow pasture. If you want to take the 111 bus back to Zullwil, follow the signs downhill to Bretzwil.